Episode 10 - Mentors? Or good friends?

This week:
- lots of client calls and meetings
- needing to switch off & focus because of so many calls
- late night working to deal with time zones
- podcast nightmare and how I fixed it (shh, don't tell anyone)
- 2 nights out with friends! (never happens)
- sharing your professional email in personal situations

Just a reminder if you're new to this freelance vlog, that I'm shooting all of this on an iPhone, no external mics beyond the iPhone headphones.  I have however upgraded to iPhone 7 and the quality of that new camera really shows.

The aim in that respect is to test out how viable it would be for individuals and businesses to shoot their own vlogs, documenting their business/personal weeks. I wanted to use the tools/equipment that anyone could have access to with minimum spend/learning involved.


Episode 8 - Dealing with feedback

This week:
- dealing with feedback
- podcast with Emelier Fågelstedt
- editing voiceovers
- worrying about half term on the horizon
- loving what you do
- putting on my nice shoes

Despite having lots of projects on the go and a lot of work to get done, I was glad I took Wednesday out to hit the road.

Getting face to face isn't something I do a lot of. Unless it's via Skype.

I find what makes far more efficient use of my time (and their's) is talking to clients/collaborators on the phone or Skype/Facetime etc. Neither of us have to drive anywhere, the only time taken from our day... well, is the time we've taken to talk.

But that said, it's nice to meet people in real life, it's important. Two of my biggest projects at the moment were kicked off face to face last year. Those initial brainstorming meetings and workshops were invaluable not just in the work we got done, but the relationships that were formed.

So, nice to meet with the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce this week. And great to have lunch with old friend/colleague turned friend/business owner like me.

Really nice. And gave me an excuse to put on my nice shoes.


Episode 7 - Continually Learning

This week:
- When your computer refuses to work on deadline day
- Neglecting exercise for work
- Turning work into exercise
- One day turnaround video (including sign off)
- Podcast editing for Superlogoboy's chat
- The Amy Schmittauer book (from last week's podcast) arrives

My guest this week on the podcast - Paddy McGrath spoke about his 'addiction' to continually learning.

For him it involved a lot of books and a mentor. But it doesn't have to be.

We need to make sure we continually learn in everything we do.
After/during each project and life experience.

I've learned that when my Final Cut editing software is doing really weird things (not often) it takes a reboot of the whole computer. It's not worth struggling on.

I've learned I need to make writing a blog post, or editng a vlog or podcast, a habit - I need a self imposed deadline in my head.

I've learned that getting outside and exercising actually boosts productivity.

And as you can see, I've learned to take my own flask of coffee to children's parties (they really should give these to new parents - baby wipes, muslin, calpol and a thermos mug).

Continually learning.




Episode 6 - Dad on To-Do List

This week:

- Exploring stock sites
- Losing a day of work to a child off nursery
- Gaining a day of fun to a child off nursery
- FaceTime brainstorming
- Potential Business coffee(s)
- Being Freelance edit for Amy Schmittauer


In amongst the editing, script writing and voiceovers this week I had to find extra time to be a Dad.

Our 3 (and three quarters she'd have me point out) year old was off sick from nursery.

I don't mention this in the video, but actually until September 2016 I had her all to myself every single Wednesday. So I only worked 4 days a week (well, if you don't count the evenings and weekends of course!) but Wednesday was Daddy & Daughter day.

So actually, it was really nice having time to together to hang out. But of course you get hit by the guilt when you're playing that you should be working... and when you sneak in a bit of work, the guilt that you should be playing, cuddling, singing, dancing... add them all to my LinkedIn Skillset why don't you?

Overall though, blessed to be self-employed and flexible enough to be there when she needed me.

And blessed too that she went back to nursery the next day.


Episode 5 - The benefits of putting out content

This week:

- directing/recording a voiceover on location
- edit-edit-edit (repeat)
- email marketing
- the benefits of putting out content


Twice in this episode you see the benefits of regularly putting out content.

A client taking my advice to produce testimonials after reading my blog on the subject.

And a production company getting in touch after watching a video marketing video interview I'd put out on YouTube nearly a year earlier.

Sometimes it can feel like we're not seeing the benefits of content marketing. But it's the slow burn. It's consistently giving value. Of getting your ideas out there.

You never know when it'll come back around.