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- Presenter Coaching
- Consultation

Having spent over a decade working in radio, it's fair to say audio is still something I'm passionate about. I've worked on everything from the UK commercial radio chart show, to hour long documentaries on subjects such as Space exploration and Global Warming.

The power of podcasting is huge and growing every year. I have over 500 epidsodes under my belt (it's not just the pastries that's pushed it out another notch) and I'm proud to have helped produce the Number 1 Business podcast in Canada and for that matter my own weekly podcast 'Being Freelance' (now at over 160 episodes!).

Currently I edit the regular podcast for 'The Loadstar' - the leading site for news and analysis in the logistics and supply chain management industry.

When I say 'consultation': it's posisble you'd like to discuss how to launch or improve a podcast that you'll edit/produce yourself and it's a pleasure to help, so get in touch.

Steve is an incredible professional to work with. He’s edited our podcast episodes from the beginning of the show and has been instrumental in its success. He is continually adding value with new ideas, systemizing the whole podcast process, and making suggestions to improve the show.
If you have the opportunity to work with Steve, DO IT.
— Kaye Putnam, Branding Expert & Podcaster