DIY Facebook Video Tool

50 million businesses have pages on Facebook.

So brace yourself for millions of videos looking like this:

Facebook has created a tool called 'Your Business Story'.

It's an automated video creator that takes images from your business, a nice branded message and then automatically makes you a video to share.


Well, give it a whirl, see if you like the video you end up with!

There is absolutely no harm in doing it. It's reinforcing your Facebook presence and shows your brand to your audience using video. You know I'm a fan of that.


Notice... in these examples (which are showcased by Facebook) 90% of the images are really nice shots. SO, you need to think carefully about the images you use.

Think: do they look nice enough? If not, either get some pro ones made, or do it yourself and run through Instagram to get that 'artistic' feel. Those images are important. Get product in there, get humans in there. Try and get a snippet of your logo in there.

Also, consider your branding message.
It works like this: finish the sentence "We're in the business of..."
Brainstorm it. Keep writing down endings to that line.
Think about the change you bring about in your customers or their world.


This is a nice, easy, first step into using video. If you're already up and running video content wise then this won't make much difference, but... here's hoping for other businesses this first step turns into walking in the right direction into a warm embrace of video marketing.

The danger is thinking this standard of video is all you need to do. It plainly isn't. It's just easy.

Also, give it time and the Facebook audience will tire of seeing these videos, no matter how short. They will know the pattern, the schtick. So actually the real success will come for those who stand out and do something unique.

The fact is, video is a hugely poweful tool on Facebook. You really should have video on your page. You really should consider paying to promote it.

Do let me know if you try out the Facebook Business Story tool.
Follow the link, give it a go and share with me your experience of using it and of course your video!