Why do you need Product Videos?

When we buy a product online, we need extra reassurance. We can't pick it up, try it on, feel it, squeeze it, jump on it (I'm a nightmare in a green grocer's).... But we can watch a video.

If you're selling products online you really should try product videos. Think about it, this isn't 'advertising', this is giving people extra inspiration and affirmation that they're making the right choice just when they're already with you, on the point of purchasing.

Take a look. Who would you rather buy a floor tile from?

This store:

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When Topps Tiles made that video they didn't just sell us the dimensions or advantages of the product, they didn't just show what more than one of them looked like in a house... they sold us a story: this could be your house, look how lovely your house and your life will be with this tile.

How about this coat? Which would you rather buy for your kids?
The first store, a big brand but with just images... or the second store?

Again, other than seeing the coat in action, seeing the fit, the functionality... Muddy Puddles are selling us a story: don't you want your kids to be the ones in the great outdoors, connected with nature. living life to the full instead of indoors writing blogs about videos?

You don't have to sell a story. How about a 'How To'?

Luxy Hair (clip-in extensions) basically grew their whole brand by creating YouTube videos teaching women how to do every hair style under the sun. The actual 'product' is so very subtle within the video.

When you shop online to buy extensions they have a handy 'how to pick your shade' video that's showing off the product but doing it in a useful way.

Products videos can be used to help the customer feel confident they'll know what do with it, not just the benefits. Like these I produced for cosmeceutical beauty brand Medik8.

And here's an added benefit. See how the title of the Medik8 video is 'How to get rid of wrinkles with retinol...' - If you Google that, this video could show up in results, letting potential customers discover your brand that way.

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But where do you start?

I get it, if you have hundreds or even thousands of products the thought of doing this will be overwhelming. So start with your most popular products or new ones you feel most excited about.
Then, if you are having product shots done in the future, why not make the video part of the product shoot?

You can do this simply at the same time like Xupes do...

(notice the very specific searchable title on that video too)

Xupes have simply had their photographer shoot some footage at the same time. Simple.

Or even make the videos show the photographic shoot actually happening in a behind the scenes style like Made do so well. I love their product videos.

Also, do you see what Made have done?

Yep, apart from the 'story' selling again of kids having fun in a cool house that could be our house...

They've not just shot a video for the a bunk bed, they've included the whole range and accessories. Can you do this too? It's something clothes stores always do so well. Someone comes in looking for a dress and leaves with new shoes and clutch bag as well. (And I look amazing with all three). Can you bring multiple products together? It not only reduces production time/costs but can up sell/cross sell as well. You can see that Medik8 and Muddy Puddles have both done it above in a nice subtle way where it doesn't feel like 'selling'.

Online product videos are a great way to sell products, reinforce your brand and bring joy to the users' experience when shopping online with you - they'll be more likely to return and to recommend. Make it easy for someone to share the video on their social media of choice (be it Facebook,Twitter or Pinterest) and who knows where one shopper browsing will take you?

The best product videos don't sell, they show. 'Selling' videos are more like having an annoying shop assistant in your face the moment you walk in a store, but showing videos can be like taking the product home for a test drive. Remember, these aren't adverts: the shopper is already on your product page; they just need to be softly encouraged to click 'buy'.

It's not hard to get started. Need some thoughts on what your business could do? Get in touch!