TransferWise masterclass in a Facebook Advert

Faceboook video is a hugely valuable marketing tool.
This video in my feed today really made me stop and...
well actually, that's the amazing thing right?
It made me stop... Stop scrolling and watch. I even took in the company's message.
Yeah, you heard me. It worked.

So what can a woman being hit in the face with a fish tell us?
Other than that she needs a pay rise.

Shock Roulette

Fish to the face, electric shock, mustard attack. Watch these people get hit with the unexpected. Luckily, you can send money abroad without the shock of hidden fees:

Posted by TransferWise on Monday, 10 August 2015

What makes this TransferWise ad so effective on Facebook?

1. It catches attention immediately
Scroll, scroll, scroll.. woman, screaming, being hit in the face with a fish?! Stop.

2. It works without sound
If anything, it's even better without the music.
Facebook video auto-plays without sound, so it's essential your video works with no audio.

3. It has a clear, uncluttered message
It's so easy to see and read the text; to get the message of the ad.

4. It has a clear call to action
If that button gets people signing up, what a clear return on investment.
Still, if it had said 'find out more' I might have actually clicked.

5. It's fun and shareable
If I 'like' or comment on this video, it will start to appear in my friends' feeds too.
Share it? Even more so. Thousands of people already have.

I'm not saying I find it hilarious, I'm not saying you should copy it; but it's incredibly effective and it's worth considering why and what you can do to tick these boxes with your own Facebook videos, ads or not.

Just as you're about to stop watching.... screamy-fish-girl gets squirted with hotdog sauces and suddenly your attention is back again wondering what might happen next.
And what might happen next? You might just click 'like', 'share' or 'sign up'. Shocker.

Want to figure out how to make Facebook video work for your business? Get in touch!

Below: How the video appeared in my Facebook feed.

Apple Watch Proves The Power Of Video Marketing

When it comes to marketing, the folk at Apple know what they're doing.

And with the launch of Apple Watch they put a whole lot of love into a video marketing strategy, take a look:

Check out the Apple Watch videos for yourself.

Like I say, you can do this too. Pair up a strong strategic email campaign with video and you're on to a winner. Want to chat about it? Get in touch.

PS. Notice how they remade the Aluminium one with the UK spelling and voiceover? They're good.

How can people watch your video... if they can't find it?!

Okay, so sometimes it's best to just 'show' what the heck you're talking about, so click play...

As as promised, here's their video... once you find it:

As I mentioned, I think Bewilderwood looks like an awesome place to visit with the kids and they are doing SO much right with their site, business and social... I'm not picking on them as such, just using them as an example of something that so many companies get wrong.

If you've made a great video, let people see it!

Want to make a great video? Get in touch!

(NOTE: In August 2015 I finally went to Bewilderwood. It really is a magical place to take kids. In fact, we returned in August '16 too. So great that an independent business (you know, not part of the big tourist attraction magnates) can be so imaginative and create a place without the need for any technology-based 'rides', just encouraging the joy of playing outdoors... Head to Norfolk with the kids and enjoy!)


Land Rover aren’t just selling us the car.
They’re selling us the story.

Hibernate? No Chance. #Hibernot

That was the brilliant message Land Rover ran, or drove, with all winter long.

Don't sit indoors. Get out there and enjoy life. Especially if it's in a Land Rover.

This was an epic cross media marketing strategy powered by a) a LOT of money and b) several agencies working to make it happen. But that doesn't mean there aren't lessons any business can pull from it.

Video was a major tool in the campaign and at the heart of it all was the #HIBERNOT family. Taking a 'real family' and making them trade their sofa for a week exploring and having fun together (in a Discovery Sport).

What's key here, is Land Rover aren't just selling us the car. They're selling us the story.
7 days of adventure for them to share. 7 videos for us to share.

7 days of adventure for them to share.
7 videos for us to share.

'Look at how this car brings the family together and lets them bond and live life in the way we all dream of, look Dad, you're not a loser in a xmas hat, you're a real man!' it says.

This could be your life too! Well, almost. Even if you could afford a Discovery Sport, it'd be an even bigger stretch to book Ray Mears to hang out with you for the day (genuinely - Day 3, Dad rather handily had to utilise the extra hidden seats in the boot to make way for their foraging hitch hiker).

This was a great campaign. Reclaiming 4x4s from the school run image they've gained over recent years and using great storytelling to sell us the lifestyle of a family united.

Honestly, #HIBERNOT is so immense in its ambition that I could talk about examples of what it did well for far too long. The best thing to do, if you're interested, is check out their site that has brought together all of the material.

The final day of Land Rover's Winter, was celebrated with this video:

So how can your business learn from #HIBERNOT?

Just think hard about this question:
How can you tell the story of what your product/service can do for real people?

Don't just sell a product. Sell a lifestyle. Sell a better version of me. I want to buy that change.

Show me how that's happened to someone else. Let me see the change.

It doesn't have to be 'sexy' like cars. It doesn't need a celebrity with a handy knack for surviving without matches. I'm not going to pretend it doesn't take vision, nor for that matter, a healthy budget, but it will set you apart from your competition if done right. It's about moving beyond an 'About' video and a 'How To' video and creating something special, sharing a story that shows just how awesome my life could be if I had your 'product' in it.