Episode 10 - Mentors? Or good friends?

This week:
- lots of client calls and meetings
- needing to switch off & focus because of so many calls
- late night working to deal with time zones
- podcast nightmare and how I fixed it (shh, don't tell anyone)
- 2 nights out with friends! (never happens)
- sharing your professional email in personal situations

Just a reminder if you're new to this freelance vlog, that I'm shooting all of this on an iPhone, no external mics beyond the iPhone headphones.  I have however upgraded to iPhone 7 and the quality of that new camera really shows.

The aim in that respect is to test out how viable it would be for individuals and businesses to shoot their own vlogs, documenting their business/personal weeks. I wanted to use the tools/equipment that anyone could have access to with minimum spend/learning involved.