remote working

Episode 6 - Dad on To-Do List

This week:

- Exploring stock sites
- Losing a day of work to a child off nursery
- Gaining a day of fun to a child off nursery
- FaceTime brainstorming
- Potential Business coffee(s)
- Being Freelance edit for Amy Schmittauer


In amongst the editing, script writing and voiceovers this week I had to find extra time to be a Dad.

Our 3 (and three quarters she'd have me point out) year old was off sick from nursery.

I don't mention this in the video, but actually until September 2016 I had her all to myself every single Wednesday. So I only worked 4 days a week (well, if you don't count the evenings and weekends of course!) but Wednesday was Daddy & Daughter day.

So actually, it was really nice having time to together to hang out. But of course you get hit by the guilt when you're playing that you should be working... and when you sneak in a bit of work, the guilt that you should be playing, cuddling, singing, dancing... add them all to my LinkedIn Skillset why don't you?

Overall though, blessed to be self-employed and flexible enough to be there when she needed me.

And blessed too that she went back to nursery the next day.