Episode 2 - The deadline of Christmas

This week:

- podcast production for a client's content marketing
- cramming in work before the Christmas school holidays kick in
- the hidden costs of video production: the storage!
- recording Being Freelance podcast with Amy Schmittauer
- family time

Can you really make time for creating a regular video blog?

If anything was going to test me, it'd be the busiest time of the year.

With so many client deadlines to meet, the biggest looming deadline was Christmas itself.
Fitting in friends, family and work.

If anything, making this episode made me realise that next year I really want to get all projects tied up by the time the kids finish school. Working while everyone else is playing is stressful and not good for me, nor the family.

I'm wondering how I can adapt that approach for the big school holidays of 2017 that are on the horizon.