Episode 3 - What can your business learn from a KIA showroom?

This week:

- Dealing with work while the kids are still off
- How a KIA showroom inspired me to tweak my website
- Voiceover work
- A long weekend of video editing


I managed to pretty much not work for two weeks over Christmas.

My iMac was cleared away from the dining table to make way for food and fun.

It was just those last few days of the school holidays that became tough as clients began getting in touch again whilst I tried to still be in full on Dad-mode.

In the end I knew I had to devote a whole weekend to finishing off some fitness video edits. Because sometimes there's nothing for it but to get your head down and put in the hours.

I felt so much better for it. I didn't need to feel guilty family wise - we'd had two weeks of togetherness.

It's amazing how much more productive you can be when you just focus on one thing.