Episode 4 - Focus

This week:

- Focus: getting the most productive use of my day
- Using a screencast to demo Trello to a client
- Podcast recording
- What's the best way to outsource?


One of the reasons I started this vlog was to see how it could be done for my own clients.

I presumed most of the learning would be in the production and the storytelling.
But I'm also picking up a lot of YouTube knowledge as well.

YouTube evolves all the time. Sure, you can read about the new 'end screen' tools. But nothing beats putting them in to practice - to actually experimenting with them for yourself.

That way I can help my clients far better with their video creation and publishing.

Also, it may be a very small bit of the video, but did you pick up on the idea of creating a screencast?

If you need to demo something to a client or colleague, how about creating a screen capture of you doing it? This makes even more sense if you need to explain it time and time again in person to people. Instead of doing it fresh each time, just film it once!