Episode 7 - Continually Learning

This week:
- When your computer refuses to work on deadline day
- Neglecting exercise for work
- Turning work into exercise
- One day turnaround video (including sign off)
- Podcast editing for Superlogoboy's chat
- The Amy Schmittauer book (from last week's podcast) arrives

My guest this week on the podcast - Paddy McGrath spoke about his 'addiction' to continually learning.

For him it involved a lot of books and a mentor. But it doesn't have to be.

We need to make sure we continually learn in everything we do.
After/during each project and life experience.

I've learned that when my Final Cut editing software is doing really weird things (not often) it takes a reboot of the whole computer. It's not worth struggling on.

I've learned I need to make writing a blog post, or editng a vlog or podcast, a habit - I need a self imposed deadline in my head.

I've learned that getting outside and exercising actually boosts productivity.

And as you can see, I've learned to take my own flask of coffee to children's parties (they really should give these to new parents - baby wipes, muslin, calpol and a thermos mug).

Continually learning.