Episode 8 - Dealing with feedback

This week:
- dealing with feedback
- podcast with Emelier Fågelstedt
- editing voiceovers
- worrying about half term on the horizon
- loving what you do
- putting on my nice shoes

Despite having lots of projects on the go and a lot of work to get done, I was glad I took Wednesday out to hit the road.

Getting face to face isn't something I do a lot of. Unless it's via Skype.

I find what makes far more efficient use of my time (and their's) is talking to clients/collaborators on the phone or Skype/Facetime etc. Neither of us have to drive anywhere, the only time taken from our day... well, is the time we've taken to talk.

But that said, it's nice to meet people in real life, it's important. Two of my biggest projects at the moment were kicked off face to face last year. Those initial brainstorming meetings and workshops were invaluable not just in the work we got done, but the relationships that were formed.

So, nice to meet with the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce this week. And great to have lunch with old friend/colleague turned friend/business owner like me.

Really nice. And gave me an excuse to put on my nice shoes.