5 Seconds Says It All

I love the use of video on the new website of Belfast based Maven.

They have autoplaying full width video as their header image.

In just 5 seconds they say everything about their homeware brand and create an atmosphere that makes us want to indluge. In other words: buy.

How the video looks on their website - alas, remember, currently autoplay video doesn't work on mobile devices, you get a fallback image instead :(


- for their customers lighting a cool, fashionable candle will instill a feeling of relaxation and happiness

- the way the room around it is dressed - the table, chair and blanket (all their products) is a desirable lifestyle their customer wants; who wouldn't want this to be their home?

I've seen lots written recently about the Danish term 'hygge' which basically means living cosily. The Scandavnavian way of life. Of lighting those candles, getting under your blanket and cuddling up by the fire.

It's a lifestyle that Maven sell. This video is hygge.

Remember, when we 'sell' to people one of the best ways to do it is to help them imagine their life with your product in it. How will they feel? How is their life going to be better? Maven do this before you've even started scrolling.

Then when we walk into a real store, the lighting, music, setting... the 'enivronment' is designed to put us in an emotional place where we're inclined to linger and purchase. This video does that in the online sp

See? 5 seconds says it all.

What visual could sum up your business that quickly?

Go on: grab a blanket, coffee, cake, snuggle up and have a think about it.

For more on using full width video on your homepage - check out this post and interview with Minneapolis digital marketing brain Tim Brown.