Twitter Product Gifs

I love the way Datum are using gifs to promote their product range.

Simple. So, so simple.
These 'videos' jump out of my noisy Twitter feed.

Using their 'need a hand?' motif from their site they quickly grab attention.

You may have to hit 'play' on these below, but the way they auto-play on Twitter works a dream.

Why I love them

  • Bright colours jump out of the Twitter feed
  • Auto-play
  • Work without sound
  • Cut to the action - before you can scroll past
  • Our eyes notice the change, if it were a still image we'd probably scroll on past
  • Our attention grabbed we then move to the text call-to-action
  • Even if we don't click through... this tactic when repeated again and again seeps into our consciousness; a range of products tied together visually
  • Totally on brand with their site - using the colours and 'need a hand' motif
  • No wifi? (gasp) Even on 3G these gifs load quickly so they won't get missed
  • These kind of gifs would also work really well in email - yep they're the gif that keeps on giving

Let's put our hands together for Datum.

Sure, you might argue that these aren't videos. But they are.
They're short sequences of moving images right? The file type just happens to be a gif.
But why are you even arguing the toss when you could be out there creating short engaging content like this for your business?

As I've written about before, product videos matter - turns out, the file type doesn't.

Need a hand?