Ideas For Using Video At Your Awards Event

As I stood their hosting the Inspiring Hertfordshire Awards I was struck by inpsiration myself: of how video should be a dream tool for awards organisers.

1. Social Video on the night

Have a video crew at the event. As each prize is awarded save that clip out and tweet it using the @ of the company and the sponsor of the award. You'll piggy back on the good feeling to their audience who will become aware of your event.

You could even do 'red carpet' videos of guests arriving, or at the pre-event reception. That way you'll get even more shares because all of the finalists get to share themselves looking glam, win or not.

Attendess on Instagram? Do the same thing with 'Stories' of vertical video - remember to tag them in to the on screen text.

Tip: Pre-write the text with @ handles in a doc, ready to copy and paste to Twitter... but don't schedule anything, you'd hate to accidently tweet out the winner before it's announced!

2. Promo Video of the night

Pull together all those smiling faces, clapping hands... have some testimonial vox pops of how great it was. Worth booking your video team to edit this the next day. A tall order, but worth getting it out there while people are still excited from the night before. Get it on Facebook & LinkedIn so it's shared. Create a 30 sec edit for Twitter.

Make sure you use this again in 9 months time to help you get entries for next year!

Above: Inspiring Hertfordshire Awards promo 2015 (made by Pearldrop)

3. Winner Stories

This takes more effort and investment but is well worth it. 8 months after the event, film at a few of the winning businesses (or individuals). Let's share their story.

What was it like on the night? The effect on team morale? The press/publicity they got? The effect it had on them - new clients, profits, further awards etc. Use this to fuel entries for your next event!


These are just a few ideas. You could use video before the event; go behind-the-scenes; stream live; interview winners... but the three above are the best place to start.


Make the most of the moment!

That's what this is about. Taking the energy and positivity of the night and using video to show, to share, to make it live long beyond the moment.

People at awards ceromonies are full of hype, passion, pride and, well, maybe a drink or two. As well as their meals, feed them celebratory content and they'll become your advocates; sharing their own stories of the evening.

As with everything, there's no point making a promo video if you don't share it, put it out there and make it work for you. But if you do, your event will grow and your reputation as an organiser will grow - for example Inspiring Hertfordshire is organised by the Herts Chamber of Commerce so all of this is actually spreading their name and purpose.

Take the moment and turn it into momentum.

(And the prize, for most cheesy inspiring last line of a blog post goes to...)