Coveragebook have it covered

When your product or service exists to solve a problem, make sure you use video to visually and emotionally get that point across.

Here's what Coveragebook are doing so well.

What I love about this...

  • the tweet is being promoted to anyone following people to do with PR
  • the tweet itself is encouraging you to share it with friends in PR to help them out, notice that? It's not hard-sell at all
  • the video doesn't launch into how lovely their software is straight away... instead it draws out just how insanely painful the current way of doing things is
  • instead of making this short and punchy they really have let the process play out; if you're not interested you'll soon skip on and that's fine, BUT if this pain point resonates with you, you'll carry through to the Coveragebook solution and you'll be sold
  • break it down: we get one minute of pain, then they say 'check this out, it'll blow your mind'... well, you're not going to stop watching then are you?
  • the same video is used on their homepage and the call-to-action at the end is directly in the player itself, when you click it you get a sign up page for their free trial
  • the video on on their home page is hosted using Wistia, so other than the call-to-action they'll get a stack of useful marketing metrics that they can make the most of
  • and check out that call-to-action itself (below) - all of their language is on brand, it's so friendly, cheeky, subversive - disrupting the norm just like their product

In fact my only beef would be that there seems to be an aching void of white near the end of video that lingers for 20 seconds or so (or, there is as a I write this). Which kind of feels a bit sloppy when you're trying to impress people. BUT if people were suitably impressed hopefully they'll already be clicking through to your site by this point or signing up for a free trial.

BUT that's not the only way these guys are using video

They make it really easy to get up and running with their product with a range of video walkthroughs (below) that take you through the product in a friendly, visual way.

How does this relate to your business?

  • how can you show the pain points and the solutions?
  • think 'how will the viewer feel' when they're watching? How will they connect?
  • how can you use twitter (or Facebook) to reach an audience that could be interested?
  • what else can you get across in a video that will be helpful? Can you make How-to's? or FAQs?