Snapchat Memories - Using Storytelling To Explain

Here's a great reminder from Snapchat that not all 'explainer' videos have to be a narrator talking out loud about how something works. We can use a story narrative too...

This video played vertically (and even more effectively) full screen within the Snapchat app to announce the new feature

What I love about it?

  • it shows a practical use for their new feature
  • it acts as a 'how to': without realising it you're seeing the process she goes through to use 'Memories' and then we have the 'My Eyes Only' feature demo'd in a fun way at the end
  • it's fun and engaging as a story
  • it inspires us to use Snapchat itself in a more dynamic way to document our lives so works beyond the remit of explaining 'Memories'
  • it transcends language barriers - it wouldn't matter if you didn't speak Englsh, this video still makes sense which is really useful for a global product - making one video to fit all
  • it's short & sweet - look how much images can do without words getting in the way, sometimes when writing scripts the words make everything longer than it needs be

One video can say so much

See? It's all done in that video.
Snapchat's audience devour short snappy content after all.
All Snapchat had to do was send this one video to its users within the app itself and everything was explained. No need for a lengthy blog post or email... it's all done in 45 seconds.

What can you do?

Be wary of creating a cheesy advert... that's not what I'm getting at. And this is borderline.

But keep in mind when creating explainer videos that they come in different forms and using a story (and it could be a real life one!) is a great tool for showing your product in action, creating an emotional connection that makes us want to get involved.

And remember: keep it simple. Keep it short.
When writing your own scripts, think about what your visuals can do. More show, less tell.

One video has done everything that an 800 word article could do here and made an emotional connection that makes us want to get stuck in using the product.
So if you store anything in your Memory today, make it that.

And don't show your dad pictures of your bottom over dinner.