Show Your Point. SHOW!

I'd like to show you something.

Promotional video for Change the Pallet campaign

I'm rather taken by this video. High-fives to the team behind it in every way.

It manages to hold my attention for two whole minutes.
Hooking me in with humour and deliving the problem, the solution and how we can help.

It's five years nice Dollar Shave Club nailed this multi-scene monologue to camera that so many marketers wish they could copy. It's a hard thing to pull off.

But I'm not here to tell you should make a video like this. It's insanely hard.

You know what isn't though?

The most effective element of this video is also the easiest to take inspiration from.


You're making a video. So don't just quote me a statistic. SHOW me it.

Give me a visual I can get my head around.

Click play here to see the moment the Change The Pallet campaign's whole idea makes total sense to me...

I can totally get my head around the fact that existing pallets are so heavy that they take two men to lift. And that the cardboard pallets only take two kids.


It's such a powerful, easily understandable, relatable visual.

It's just like when people compare things to the height of a double decker bus or the height of a man or what can fit in a swimming pool or football picth etc.

If you took 163 of me and stacked me on top of each other I'd reach the top of The Shard.
(The lengths I go to in order to not pay an admission fee to see a view).

Tell me there's 39g of sugar in a can of Coke and I'll drink it.
SHOW me there's 10 teaspoons of sugar and I won't.

Tell me there's 18g of fat in a tube of Pringles and I'll eat them. All of them. Get your own.

Yet once I was at an event and this lady SHOWED me that there was fat the same size as a bar of soap in a tube of Pringles. I have genuinely never eaten them since.*

How about you then?

You making a video?

What are you SHOWING the world?



*By the way Pringles, if that's not true... apologies. I'll help you track her down so you can sue her if you give me enough Pringles to reach the top of the Eiffel Tower. Fact is, the visual worked on me.