Using Video To Promote Your Webinar

There are a LOT of webinars requests sitting in people's inboxes these days.

How to stand out?

Use video.

Above: the landing page (their video doesn't play full screen, I just didn't want you to squint)

This is the Landing Page I, well, landed on after clicking through from an inbox invite from email marketing company Emma.

It really grabbed my attention.

In such a short amount of time, without reading any page copy I'd found out when it was, what the content would be and felt that it was a friendly, slick company I'd enjoy spending time with and learning from.

After all, when we sign up to a webinar we're signing up to spend 30-60 minutes with the webinar host, so it makes total sense to have that individual personally invite us!

Let us see and hear from them.
Let them tell us what we can expect and why we should care to join.

Psycologically you're far less likely to stand up a real person than just a url and diary appointment. If they followed this up with a video reminder an hour before saying 'hey - can't wait to see you at 12...' for example, you'd almost feel guilty to miss the party.

Use it as part of an email campaign, use it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram...

AND it finishes with the cute call to action prompting us to sign up now.

It's a really smart tactic. Are you running webinars? Could you do this?

Of course you could.

If you're planning webinars far enough ahead you can easily record a batch of videos in one go.

You put so much effort into prepping and promoting a webinar, this small addition will really reap the benefits. Stand out from the inbox.

PS. I hugely recommend signing up to Emma's mailout: it's full of such great stuff.