Premium Products... Premium Videos

I'd never heard of Mühle before.

I was searching for a gift on Amazon.
One of their products appeared with quite a hefty price tag.

Were they really worth that? Who were they?
I hit Google.

Within seconds of landing on the Mühle site I was immersed in their video. Amazing. Seconds later I knew everything their brand stood for.

I could feel the history.
The quality.
I knew they were a premium brand...

I've not shaved since 1997.
This was definitely a gift...

This is an industry where the Dollar Shave Club video exists.
And so, the Mühle brand needs to stand apart.
Show what they are.
Who they are.
Who we are if we buy their products.


  • the high quality of the filming reflects instantly on the brand and product
  • subtitled, so the German authentic voices remain, again aligned with quality
  • the passion
  • the close ups of the product, it reminds of the Apple Watch videos, classy product porn
  • the craftmanship, the hand-made, artisan nature
  • the care
  • the team of old and new
  • the story, the family history
  • when we buy something special, we want to feel part of something special, this delivers that


But that's not the only video content on their site.

I love the shaving tips videos.
Let's face it, classic shaving isn't something many of us were taught.
If we're going to buy this premium brand we're going to want to do it right.

These feel different to the homepage films.
They show that this brand may be old...
but it's not old fashioned.


  • they make the brand cool
  • they're genuinely useful
  • they're still very premium in their production, but it's a much cooler viewing experience
  • they're search friendly, hosted on YouTube, so people might find the brand looking for 'traditional shave' how-to advice



Hey, I love where they're going with video,  but they could make the most of what they have

  • they're not using any of this video content natively on their Facebook page
  • they could use nice edits of their arty videos on their Instagram account as well
  • their site is in German, English and French... and yet the French site gets the same English subtitled films; can't imagine that'll go down well with the French audience, so come on... get a French subtitled video up there!
  • the videos could have more prominence (though, remarkably, their site isn't mobile responsive yet, so maybe it's in the works)
  • they could use video on their individual product pages (check out my post on the power of product videos)
  • they could take some of their amazing footage and tell their story using full width autoplay background video, so it hits us immediately (check out my post on this technique - it works really well with such artisan companies)


The key thing to realise here is the power of video to communicate pretty much everything a brand stands for within seconds of a potential customer landing on their site.

I'm not saying you should make epic films. It might not be right for your brand.
For Mühle it's a perfect way to show why their premium product deserves a premium price.

How do you communicate your brand's values?