Spring Clean Your Video Content

It's time to open the windows and freshen up your videos.
Time to spring clean your content.

If you've not done this in a long time (or ever) then, just like vacuuming under the bed or mopping beneath the cooker,  you might be surprised at what you find lurking on your website, YouTube channel or Facebook page.

Review, Reposition, Refresh, Reuse, Remove

Just as you might refresh your wardrobe (does it suit me, fit me, is it in fashion, can I bin it, clean it?..) think the same with your business videos.

So, think:

- Do they use your current branding?
- Do they communicate your current message?
- Are they out of date with your product/service range?
- Do they seem visually current? (video trends change just as fashions do)
- Are they too long?
- Are references to phone numbers, email and web urls up to date?

It's possible you might have videos that are 3-10 years old. So for example you may find:

- 5 years ago those green screen videos seemed good... but how do they feel now?
- In the past many videos were long, could it now be punchier?
- Previously people produced long visual introductions for their videos using their company logos, but now it's seen as better to jump straight in with the content before you lose attention. Can you trim these off and add your logo in elsewhere?

Once you've reviewed, do one of four things:

- Reposition -
Can you use playlist/albums/categories to make sense of your content.
Is there a place on your website for it? If already on your site, is the embed working well?

- Refresh -
If it's out dated, can you re-edit?
What about the descriptions, naming and interactive features? Can they be updated?

- Reuse -
Can you republish it to other platforms? Share it on your site or to your email list?
Can you take sections of it and re-edit for shorter versions?
Can you take the content or script and remake it?

- Remove -
If needs be, take it off.
Don't totally delete it from your own systems, but for now, remove it from public access.


Would you want this seen in public?

Think of your video hub (wherever it may be) as an exhibition stand.

You wouldn't let your company be seen in front of thousands of potential customers with old posters/banners, dog eared leaflets, business cards for people who have left, a box of CD-Roms to hand out... So don't do it in this virtual space either.


- YouTube lets you create playlists so it's easier for people to find specific categories of video.
- Make sure your 'feature' video is the best it can be, the most suitable - not just whatever the latest upload is.
- Are you making the most of YouTube's functionality like cards, end screens and watermarks?
- Is your channel art work (if you even have it!) looking great on all devices and do you have your url and social links on it?
- How are your title, description and tagging conventions?
- You might even find gems of content that you've neglected. Can these now be shared again on your site, in an email, on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/LinkedIn etc?



The great thing about Facebook is the ability to have your video 'gallery' right there on your page so your content doesn't get lost in the feed. This is brilliant... but is everything in there relevant?

If you're regularly posting video, prune back this area so it's your key uploads that people will find. Otherwise your beautiful animated explainer video or customer testmonials from 6 months ago could get choked by the brambles of 'Dave's birthday surpise', 'ice bucket challenges' and 'ooh hot cross buns in the office' videos.

Again, just like with YouTube you can create categories and have a feature video.

Check out this example from Gary Vaynerchuk.
It splits his videos into his 'Daily Vee' show, Keynote speeches he's given, 'Rants' :)


Let me say this again. Don't just delete things.
'Unlist' them so they're not public on YouTube, or download them first...
It may be that some of this content can be used again. If you've spent time crafting a script in the past, don't let that go to waste.


In going through this process you'll get a feel of what's working for you, what isn't and feel inspired for what you can do next.

This is also a great opportunity to celebrate your progress with your videos.
Look what you've done!

Come on, spring into action and get cleaning.