Make Your Video Part Of Your Site's Design

Web Design & Video are key to your brand.
They’re a hot couple, they deserve to be seen together.

Recently I teamed up with design agency 71Degrees to create animated videos as part of the new site for their client Event UK.

From the outset, our intention was clear: to create videos that were part of the site's design and thus part of the visual brand.

We were able to use the style of the site, the colours, fonts and actual artwork like the icons within the video so it feels totally at one with the page.  Plus Andy at 71Degrees created customised thumbnails to sit at the start of the videos - so it totally felt part of the site with an obvious play icon. We then stripped back the embedded Vimeo screen furniture like titles and share buttons and customised the play bar to be the same colour as the site as well.  

This is screen capture of the site in action:

Above: screen capture (without sound) of homepage - take a visit for the full experience

I haven't embedded the videos I produced for them on this post as clearly I think you should watch them on the site itself, so take a look and imagine how it could work for you:

And it's not limited to animation

Just make sure the graphics are in keeping with your site as well as the framing of the embed itself. Check out this great example by Artisan State.

Just one scroll and the next 'panel' of their site comes seemlessly to life as a video (that's another Vimeo embed by the way, this time with all but the play button removed).

Live action video also works in keeping with the site's design in this example above (not made by me).

But why does it matter?

Your visual brand is key - every little bit of design reflects on what the message of your business is from your business cards to your vehicles. It doesn't get more visual than a video.

And besides, it looks cool. Imagine the shiny new EventUK site above with a doodle style video embedded in a YouTube frame. It would be like fitting your lounge with the finest furntiure and then buying a rug from the pound shop.

Web design and video are key to your brand. They work well together, they're a hot couple, they deserve to be seen together. So, next time you're having your site redesigned, think about how you'll introduce them to the world.

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