How can people watch your video... if they can't find it?!

Okay, so sometimes it's best to just 'show' what the heck you're talking about, so click play...

As as promised, here's their video... once you find it:

As I mentioned, I think Bewilderwood looks like an awesome place to visit with the kids and they are doing SO much right with their site, business and social... I'm not picking on them as such, just using them as an example of something that so many companies get wrong.

If you've made a great video, let people see it!

Want to make a great video? Get in touch!

(NOTE: In August 2015 I finally went to Bewilderwood. It really is a magical place to take kids. In fact, we returned in August '16 too. So great that an independent business (you know, not part of the big tourist attraction magnates) can be so imaginative and create a place without the need for any technology-based 'rides', just encouraging the joy of playing outdoors... Head to Norfolk with the kids and enjoy!)