Cancer Research Videos

I don't have to tell you what a horrible thing cancer is.
Just ask anyone and they'll have been affected in some way it seems. I know my family has.
It's an absolute arse.

Which is why an organisation like Cancer Research UK making the most of the power of video, makes me happy. I'm writing this on World Cancer Day, which is where we start...

Video made for Social media

Their Tweet below is a perfect example of creating a video for Social.
- it works brilliantly silent
- nice clear message
- short and shareable
- bright, colourful, bold, eye catching
- a clear call to action

Yes, you may well hear sound on this, but mute it. See how powerful a visual it is?


Here's another example from Facebook.

It's said you have 8 seconds to grab someone's attention. Notice how the first 10 seconds is bold colur, text and emotive visuals? If you've grabbed my eyes by then, I'll click to unmute and hear what is said after that... This is definitely going to stand out as I absentmindedly scroll, scroll, scroll.

Give Up Clothes for Good

Give Up Clothes for Good, TK Maxx's amazing initiative to raise money for our Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens campaign, is back! Getting involved is simple – have a wardrobe clearout, bag up your unwanted clothes and drop them off at your nearest TK Maxx store. Here’s Daisy Lowe and a host of celebs talking about some of the items they’ve donated to help beat children’s cancers sooner. For more information, visit:

Posted by Cancer Research UK on Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Structured YouTube

Their YouTube channel is a hub for inspiration and information.

They've made perfect use of YouTube's playlists so they can categorise their (many) videos. Different types of cancer, fundraising ideas, research...

A charity making the most of the power of online video, far far beyond what a TV advert can do.
I love it.

You can donate to Cancer Research UK here.