5 Great Examples Of Twitter Video for Chinese New Year

When scheduling content across the year, the likes of Chinese New Year are bound to jump out for marketers.

So here are five examples of brands using Twitter video in a pretty smart way for the Year of The Monkey. Erm, and then one from the UK Government.

Each using the topical trending hashtag #chinesenewyear for discovery - but what else are they doing well?

Jamie Oliver

- Direct clickable link to an article about ginger on Jamie's site (from the video itself)
- Works brilliantly silent
- Engaging, fun, shareable
- Great click-bait title
- Re-purposed - notice that this content, whilst being used for Chinese New Year is actually totally evergreen (the music is SO Chinese right?). There's no mention of Chinese food anywhere in the actual video. But it doesn't feel like they've crow-barred it in. Smart.
- If my wife's reading this, please send biscuits


(Why send flowers when you can send buiscuiteers!)

- Short and sweet
- Eyecatching
- Using one of their products (the iced dragon head)
- I'd never heard of this brand, so it goes to show it works, I was intrigued to stop, watch again, watch again and then click their Twitter bio to discover more. Shame there's no click-through though.


- Evergreen content again: this is great use of video they already have being scheduled for a particular calendar event with the #
- Makes us aware that Waitrose TV exists, a place for more recipes like this
- Pretty long though, this feels more like a Facebook/YouTube video, a shorter version snapping through the processes, leading to us clicking through to the actual Waitrose TV site would have been better


- specific Chinese New Year content here and because of the monkey only works this year, I hope, since they went to the trouble, that they made extra versions with toy chickens, dragons, etc
- fun, Twitter friendly video, works well with no sound
- shows us the ingredients we can find in store



- eye catching
- fun, shareable, but WTF?
- bit long for Twitter, but totally engrossing
- link through to site and competition

Digi are a Malaysian mobile phone company. They've created this content to encourage us to 'score big points' with our Chinese families this year by using their correct titles when speaking to them (using our Digi mobiles of course)

You owe me one for figuring it out for you. Fun though, right?!

It links through to a page with more on Chinese New Year, further video and a chance to win an iPhone 6s


David Cameron

- good use of subtitles

Okay, that's kind of the only plus point.
It's long, pretty dull, but nice to hear him say 'Fire Monkey'.
You can keep watching but, like me, you'll be gutted the Cabinet don't appear doing a Chinese Dragon dance behind him towards the end (missed opportunity for Osborne!).

And man, did they open him up to a LOT of responses like this.
And this is the cleanest.