Samaritans - 360° Storytelling

The Samaritans have launched a new campaign called 'We Listen'.

Check out their 360° video and you'll soon discover their message.
That 'listening' is very different to 'hearing'.

360° video isn't just used as a gimmick. It serves a real storytelling purpose.

The combination of allowing the viewer to be distracted visually, moving the camera to see others in the cafe, along with the distraction of all the other conversations and sounds of the room is brilliantly done. For the best effect, I'd suggest listening with headphones.

If the video doesn't load above, try watching it on their YouTube channel
(or the YouTube app on mobile devices).

It's short. It feels authentic (far from glossy). It strikes home the point on two levels.

If we need someone to listen to us ,Samaritans are there for us... but also, it kicks us as humans to remember that when someone's talking to us we really should be 'present' for them, to actually listen.

There's only one thing I'd suggest though: the text at the end is very hard to read. It's too small with those contrasting colours. Always worth bearing those things in mind when we create videos, how big will the player be, can people clearly catch your call to action.

I love this effective use of 360° video. Not for the sake of it, but as a key part of the message.

You can find out more about this Samaritans campaign, including the poster reach in conjunction with the UK's rail network here.