Increase Conversions With Full Width Homepage Video - Interview

Could adding auto-play full width video to your website make a difference to your business?

I caught up with Tim Brown from Snap Agency in Minneapolis.

I kind of wish I hadn't because he puts my hair to shame, but I'm really glad I did because Tim shares the huge difference auto-play full width video made when added to the homepage of one of their clients as part of a site redesign.

Check out our short conversation and/or read more below.


So, it's Deneen Pottery in Minnesota that were the focus of conversation with their auto-play homepage. Notice how, in just those 10 seconds or so, the video tells us everything about that company. Handmade. Care. Authentic. Mugs. Customised.

"We had an undeniable lift in conversions after implementing that site and video was a key piece of that. 80% increased conversions!"



Tim told us that Deneen already had a video made and that this footage for the auto-play was actually lifted from it. See? They didn't have to go out and shoot something fresh, it's just a smart edit from existing footage, maybe you could do something similar?

Speaking of which, let's look again at their 'About Us' video.

If anything, I'd suggest this video should still feature on the homepage. Even if it's a thumbnail saying 'see our story'. It's such a good video, it shouldn't be hidden.

In just 90 seconds we hear and see everything.
The family story. The love and care for the product. The pride. The product itself. The team who care. The dog. (Don't underestimate the dog - it's a star on their social platforms).

With this video we start to feel a relationship and respect forming between us and the company. The human connection. It's hard not to fall in love with what they're doing and wanting to have part of that for ourselves.


In our conversation I touched upon how the Deneen team have their videos clearly set out on the Facebook page as well, including this key 'about us' story piece.
But it's their Instagram I love. Wonderful, colourful. A real mix of the faces and the family behind the company intercut with the products. It's warm, it's friendly, it's approachable. The videos here give us a super short snapshot into what they're up to, like signing a limited edition run of mugs, or dipping the mugs into the dye/paint gloop (I'm not a mug pro).



So give it a go! It's not hard at all.
You need to save out your video in a few different formats and let the developers do the rest. Don't forget Tim's Java Script tip in the video above. And try not to make the video too busy.

Here's one I worked on recently where we used an animation instead of filmed video.

And to show he's not all talk. Here's Tim's own site (where he blogs brilliantly about digital marketing by the way). See, how that auto-play video emphasises the personal connection he will make with a client along with knowing his code... In fact my only criticism is that it's cropped so we don't see his magnificent hair. Hey, maybe even he has bad-hair days too. There's hope for us all yet.



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