Find Your Story - IAG Cargo

The team at IAG Cargo haven't thought outside the box with video marketing.

They've thought inside it.

You see, the cargo air-freight industry in itself is dull. Even the cargo industry can see that.

BUT… the real story is in the cargo itself.

What is in that box?

With both of these videos they draw us in. We see the care taken each step of the way.

We see the precious cargo itself, we see the humans who take such care and pride in their jobs.

The underlying message is ‘the leading x company trusts IAG Cargo with x… so why wouldn’t you?’

You’re unlikely to remember a video, let alone share it unless there’s an emotional connection to it. David Beckham? Animals? We’re not jut filling boxes, but ticking all of them.

The actual branding of IAG Cargo (and their airlines) is very subtle, this still feels like we could be watching a documentary on TV.

Look at the titles and thumbnails of the videos. These are very clickable.

The stories lend their light, intrigue, inspiration and positivity onto the brand itself.

When your product's a bit dull. Let your stories shine.

Think about it for your business. What are your stories?