Osmo - Play the video - Play the Product

Perfect storytelling.
This doesn’t feel like an advert, it feels like an experience.

A big hit on Christmas Day 2014 was the arrival of Osmo in our house.

Not a new Sesame Street character, but an ingenious toy that enables kids to play 'beyond the screen' with their iPads.

But what made me buy it?

Their video:

It's great. The way it tells the story of the product: the parental set up, the boxed games, the collaboration between kids (though mine would fight a litlle more I'm sure, it's almost like these kids are actors!), the emotions: pride in solving puzzles, the 'woah' cool nature of the dinosaur section... all shot in a stark white studio that reflects their brand and fits perfectly on their site.

And notice, there's not a single word of voiceover, nor on screen graphic overlays. This doesn't feel like an advert, it feels like an experience. I'm sold on the story, I'm sold on the product. Sometimes it pays to strip it back and keep it simple.

As a footnote from a marketing perspective: the way I discovered the video was by its continued appearance in my Facebook stream, so hey, that worked too.